Hi, I am Mas Leon.

I'm a photographer based in Harare, Zimbabwe. My interests range from photography to film-making. My journey started as a hobby when I was 14 years old. I would spend a lot of time using our home video camera to record whatever I found interesting around me. As the years passed, instead of sitting in the crowd at family events, I found myself shooting every event I attended. As a father, I am passionate about creating family-friendly entertainment that builds good character and behaviour.

Masimba Leon Nhamburo.

Hi, I am Taffy.

From the time I was a baby my parents tried to capture every important milestone in our family life. Even before they had a camera of their own, they got someone else to do it. It was amazing seeing the first time I was involved in the school play as well as the times I came first and last in athletics. I definitely want to share these memories with my child so they know that I was young once. I never thought that recording family memories would become my career and I love it! I started with a home video camera, taking videos of our own family at 10. The deeper I got into the industry, I learnt how to capture still photos as well. I dream to go beyond just capturing memories and venture into telling stories through film that will shape future memories.

Match Made in Heaven

Taffy and I are both passionate about marriage, family, and art. Both of us grew up shooting videos for our families using the family video camera. This is probably where our individual journeys as creatives started. After we got married we began working together to build the Mas Leon Photography brand.

The Team Behind the Scenes

We work with a talented team of photographers and videographers to capture your moments. Below are a few behind-the-scenes images.



Wadzanai & Tendai

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"The Mas Leon Team is absolutely talented, they have a rare passion for their job and fluidly move about the place, taking the most amazing of shots! Splendid job you did on my wedding!"

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